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dancers on stage 5–9 June | QUT Showcase Essentially Dance A collection of bite-sized contemporary dance works us flag 8–9 June | QUT Showcase Rapture, Blister, Burn Gender politics in the modern world peppa pig 18–22 June | Kids Peppa Pig's Surprise Surprise! Peppa Pig, George and their friends are back 78-storey treehouse characters 30 June – 5 July | Kids The 78-Storey Treehouse Andy and Terry's treehouse just keeps on growing my friend the chocolate cake 6 July | Music The Winter Revival Tour Classic Australian pop noir group My Friend The Chocolate Cake drawing of world with famous landmarks 24–25 July | Season 2018 Around the world in 80 Days Phileas Fogg in the original amazing race artistically blurred female face 11–17 August | QUT Showcase Pygmalion How far would you go for a makeover? bunch of ladies lying together 28–29 August | Season 2018 Playhouse Creatures Vanguards of a feminist movement 200 years ahead of their time victorian-era chap in wig and makeup 7–8 September | Satire A Life:MT by Friendlyjordies A live show from comedian and YouTube star friendlyjordies a trio of women on a beach looking off into the sunset 18–19 September | Season 2018 Hotel Sorrento Old wounds reopen as three sisters reunite after 10 years apart in this Australian classic the gruffalo 20–27 September | Kids The Gruffalo A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood ... Ben Gerrard, actor, looking into the camera 3–4 October | Season 2018 I Am My Own Wife A fascinating and true one-person show about survival and identity full moon and a tree silhouette 15–20 October | QUT Showcase A Midsummer Night's Dream The course of true love never did run smooth dancers on stage 30 October–3 November | QUT Showcase Dance '18 Features final-year QUT dancers in their graduating performances
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