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For Schools

Shows for senior students

Our 2018 program of theatre selected from Gardens Theatre's 2018 professional season and the QUT acting students' showcase season provides an enriching and intimate learning opportunity for senior students studying Drama, Theatre Studies or English in Years 10– 12.

a collection of old family photographs 9–17 March | QUT Showcase 3 Winters A portrait of an eclectic family, held together by the courage to survive Learning areas: Drama and Theatre Studies Drama Syllabus Links: Realism, Ensemble Themes: Family, Politics, Survival Suitability: Years 11–12 (occasional strong language) sad man wearing a party hat 1–5 May | QUT Showcase Ivanov A celebration of human magnificence and ridiculousness Learning areas: Drama and Theatre Studies Drama Syllabus Links: Realism, Tragicomedy, Chekov Themes: Misunderstanding, Mental Illness, Family Suitability: Years 11–12 disheveled man staring into camera 11–12 May | Season 2018 A Prudent Man Darkly comedic political thriller exploring "fake news" and what it costs to be right Learning areas: Drama, Theatre Studies, Australian History Drama Syllabus Links: Solo performance, monologue, satire, context Themes: Politics, Australian values, labels, stereotypes Suitability: Years 10–12 (Strong language, Adult themes) Education resource available
drawing of world with famous landmarks 24–25 July | Season 2018 Around the world in 80 Days Phileas Fogg in the original amazing race Learning areas: Drama, Theatre Studies, English, English Extension Drama Syllabus Links: Comedy, Characterisation through physicality Themes: Time, Imperialism, Honour Suitability: Years 9–12 artistically blurred female face 11–17 August | QUT Showcase Pygmalion How far would you go for a makeover? Learning areas: Drama and Theatre Studies Drama Syllabus Links: Realism Themes: Language and speech, Social class and manners, Feminism Suitability: Years 11–12 bunch of ladies lying together 28–29 August | Season 2018 Playhouse Creatures Vanguards of a feminist movement 200 years ahead of their time Learning areas: Drama, Theatre Studies, History Drama Syllabus Links: Restoration Theatre, Ensemble, Dramatic comedy Themes: Politics, Feminism, Identity Suitability: Years 10–12 (Occasional coarse language, Adult themes) a trio of women on a beach looking off into the sunset 18–19 September | Season 2018 Hotel Sorrento Old wounds reopen as three sisters reunite after 10 years apart in this Australian classic Learning areas: Drama, Theatre Studies Drama Syllabus Links: Post-modernism, Australian theatre Themes: Identity, Self-expression, Family, Loyalty Suitability: Years 10–12 Education resource available Ben Gerrard, actor, looking into the camera 3–4 October | Season 2018 I Am My Own Wife A fascinating and true one-person show about survival and identity Learning areas: Drama, Theatre Studies Drama Syllabus Links: Solo performance, Character Themes: Gender identity, Nazism, Communism, Survival Suitability: Years 11–12 (Adult themes) full moon and a tree silhouette 15–20 October | QUT Showcase A Midsummer Night's Dream The course of true love never did run smooth Learning areas: Drama and Theatre Studies, English Drama Syllabus Links: Shakespeare, Comedy Themes: Love, the Supernatural, Gender Suitability: Years 10–12

Tickets and Bookings

Professional shows (marked Season 2018) are $25 p.p. for school groups over 10 people, with one supervisor per 10 students admitted free.

QUT Showcase (marked QUT Showcase) productions are $15–$20 p.p. for groups over 10 people, with one supervisor per 10 students admitted free.

Email groups@qtix.com.au
Phone (07) 3840 7466
Online www.qtix.com.au/group/school/ (search for your show via the drop-down menu)

Parking and access

Coaches may drop off or pick up passengers from Bus Zones near Alice Street, which is a 10-minute walk to Gardens Theatre. Visit Brisbane City Council's website for detailed and up-to-date information on coach parking in the CBD.

Visit our Getting Here page for information on car parking and public transport access.

Theatre etiquette

We recognise attending a live theatre performance may be a new and exciting experience for many students. Audience behavior affects both the performers and other patrons and different behavior standards apply than when going to the movies or a concert. We suggest the following tips to ensure student gain maximum benefit from their visit to the theatre:

  • Arrive 30 minutes early so we can have your group seated and settled on time for the start of the performance
  • No food or drink is to be consumed inside the auditorium
  • Be mindful of other patrons and keep noise to a minimum
  • Turn of all mobile phones or devices prior to entering the theatre
  • Teachers must be seated with their students
  • Please sit in your allocated seating

Gardens Theatre reserves the right to expel any patrons if staff feel they fail to behave in a reasonable manner.

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